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59S - UVC LED Sterilizing Bag (P55) (4798804099106)

59S - UVC LED Sterilizing Bag (P55)

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The 59S UVC LED Sterilizer Bag (P55) is a compact disinfection bag for mobile phone, clothes, and frequently used items to kill 99.9% of germs.

3-Minute Quick Disinfection.
Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria including Fungi
UV LED Clinical-Proven Disinfection
Easy to use
One simple press to start
Undergarments, Personal items .etc
* Unit must be plugged to a wall socket in order to function. Feature:

Unit must be plugged to a wall socket in order to function (24V 0.8A)
FDA & SGS Tested
Watts: 15.6W
Input: 24V=0.65A
Net Weight: 620g
Dimension: 240 x 195 x 150mm


How to Use
1. Unzip and place the partition holder inside.
2. Put in the dry items that are to be sterilized, and keep them tiled without overlapping.
3. Zip up and plug in the power adaptor.
4. Click the button to start the quick sterilization. The indicator will keep flickering for 3 minutes until sterilization is complete.
5. Take out the items when the process is completed once the indicator light stops flickering.

Net weight:  .62kg
Product dimensions: 9.45 x 7.67 x 5.91

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