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Baby Prime - Mideer Guitar

Baby Prime - Mideer Guitar

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This Chameleon guitar is constructed like a professional guitar but delicately designed for children's use. It produces good sound quality and made of lightweight and duralble materials.

- produces good sound quality as it is made of basswood box
- size is custom made suitable for children 3 to 7 years old
- made of light weight wood board to protect child's spine
- guitar string is made of elastic nylon that are safe and designed for little hands
- comes with a guitar pick made of durable ABS material
- features 6 string tuning knob - tightness can be adjusted to produce better timbre
- 6 strings are made of different colors so its easier for kids to memorize
- ergonomic designs like low chord pitch so kids can press easily, and widen string spacing to prevent kids from pressing adjacent strings by mistake


Net weight: 696g
Product dimensions: 55.7*20.5*70cm

If out of stock, email us to have it shipped to you within the week.
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