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Bclean - Vegetable & Fruit Wash (1 Gallon) (Ready-To-Use) (6562119417890)

Bclean - Vegetable & Fruit Wash (1 Gallon) (Ready-To-Use)

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B-Clean Vegetable & Fruits Wash is made from ALL-Natural fruits and vegetable enzymes that can safely remove waxes, chemical and soil. It safely cleans fresh produce thoroughly. * Vegetable and Fruit Wash * Spray or for Soaking Produce

How to Use
* This ready-to-use product promotes the "Just Spray" method directly onto produce and allow the Bclean Vegetable & Fruit Wash to stay for 1-2 minutes and wipe clean. For leafy greens, you may use the 1 part of Bclean Vegetable & Fruits Wash Concentrated and 50parts of water. Mix enough of this solution for your produce and fully submerge. wait for it to soak for 1.5 - 3 minutes. While produce is submerge it is advice to shake it so the soils will dislodge. Then rince clean.
* Filtered Water

* Bclean Plant and Fruit Enzymes

* No Artificial Fragrance

* No ARTIFICIAL COLORING WAS USED, Product may have varying shades of brown

Net weight: 3.78L
Product dimensions: 17x15x31

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