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Biolane - Freshness Intimate Wash (4531700072482)

Biolane - Freshness Intimate Wash

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Biolane Intimate Wash is formulated with 95% natural ingredients that is rich in moisturizing ingredients which help protect the intimate area. Formulated with lactic acid, which helps maintain natural flora and your skin’s protective barrier

- AlcohoI-free, soap-free, and Paraben-free

Perfect for:
Staying fresh on red days

Available in:
Biolane Soothing Intimate Wash 200mL, Biolane Freshness Intimate Wash 200mL

How to use:
- Apply 2 to 3 times per day, from the start of pregnancy. Continue to apply for 3 months after the birth for optimal effectiveness (avoid the nipples if breastfeeding).
- On the stomach, massage into the skin using gentle circular motions, starting from the navel and working outwards.
- On the thighs and hips, place both hands down flat, thumbs out wide. Touching each side of the thigh, massage from the bottom up, making smoothing movements.
- On the breasts, massage more gently using light, circular motions, as this area may be more tender.
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