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Momzilla PH - Cutlery Set - Cutlery Set

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Our cutlery set has been designed with a leading paediatric occupational therapist (OT) as the ideal toolkit for tots who are ready to self feed.

The unique spoon shape acts as shovel helping little ones to scoop up their food, even with a flat plate.

The unique deep scoop spoon shape and angled handles encourage correct hand to mouth positioning, and helps to contain food within the spoon as bubs practices bringing it to his/her mouth, which means more food makes it to the mouth and less mess!

Our unique flork has been designed to fit the size and shapes of little mouths. Its curved blunt prongs are gentler (and safer) on little mouths and gums.

Set comes complete with a handy travel case to keep utensils clean before mealtime on the go, and after to prevent soiling in nappy bags or handbag.

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