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Bite Block - Naturals Citronella Patches (4563303268386)

Bite Block - Naturals Citronella Patches

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*If you'd like to order more than we have on stock please email us at momzillaps@gmail.com so we can make more available for you :)


Bite Block Naturals Scented Patches

- Mild and safe for babies 6 months and up
- Contains 12 scented patches
- Natural-based
- Hypoallergenic
- Non-toxic
- Paraben-free
- Comes in 3 different designs
- Safe for active kids, teens, and even adults


How to Use 

Peel-off patch from the pack and stick on clothes, strollers, bags and other objects near your baby/child. Do not apply on damaged or broken skin. The patches last up to 6 hours depending on the season as heat may cause faster evaporation of oil compared to cold temperatures. Store remaining patches in the resealable pack for future use.


Citronella Oil 30%, Eucalyptus Oil 20%, Pomelo Oil 15%, Lemon Oil 10%, Peppermint Oil 10%, Menthol 10%, Orange Oil 5%


3 Years from Manufacturing

Special Instructions for Storage and Handling

Do not expose to sunlight

If out of stock, email us to have it shipped to you within the week.
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