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Buds and Blooms - Cleansing Peri Bottle

Buds and Blooms - Cleansing Peri Bottle

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It’s a Gentle Shower Down There

Buds & Blooms Cleansing Peri Bottle is a simple but oh so useful way to clean mommy's feminine and perineal area gently after birth.

The Cleansing Peri Bottle allows moms to clean the perineal area with a gentle stream of water. This practice helps prevent infection and speed up recovery.

Why do Moms Need It?
• Perfect for the FIRST PEE
• Relief from soreness down there
• Convenient and Portable
• Gently cleans urine, blood & poop

Who Can Use it?
• Moms Who Just Gave Natural Birth
• Moms Who Underwent a C-Section Birth
• Ladies with Urinary Track Infection
• Patients Confined or on Bed Rest


How to Use:

  1. Fill the Buds & Blooms Cleansing Peri Bottle with Lukewarm Water
  2. While sitting on the toilet, point the tip towards the perineal area and squeeze for water to come out
  3. Pee while continuing to squeeze the water
  4. Dry area gently with tissue
  5. It is recommended to change the bottle every six (6) months to avoid bacterial contamination due to prolonged use

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