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EasyFlow MNL - Unit

EasyFlow MNL - Unit

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Carry the world’s first lightweight, portable, and discrete air purifier that not only filters the air you breathe — it makes mask wearing comfortable and much more convenient!

Breathe fresh air anywhere, with a 99.7% filtration rate against bacteria, viruses, and pollution!

Mask fatigue is real. Breathe easy, with EasyFlow.

• those travelling in long-haul flights
• those who work long hours in a mask
• people who feel claustrophobic with masks on
• people who experience mask fatigue
• ... basically a better breathing experience

The kit will contain:
• EasyFlow Personal
• Air Filtration Device
• KN95 Respirator
• Lanyard and magnet
• HEPA filter
• Charging cord
• Air nozzle and connecting unit
• Hose and extension hose

Devices come with a 6-month manufacturer's warranty

Special Instructions for Storage and Handling
The EasyFlow should be cleaned every so often, especially after trips to the hospital, or trips out on the plane! To clean this...
- Spray alcohol onto a piece of cotton, and wipe the surfaces of the EasyFlow, including the area where the tube connects
- Remove the faceplate and the filter, and spray the filter once with alcohol on the outer surface. Allow this to airdry completely before usage. If the filter is turning dark in color, it's time to replace the filter with a new one.
- Detach the hoses from the unit, and place them in soapy water. Allow the soapy water to run into the hoses while gently swishing them in the water. Rinse with clean water, and air dry.

Box Dimensions
Length: 11cm / 4.33""
Width: 5.5 cm / 2.17""
Height: 21 cm / 8.27""
Weight: 300g

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