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Easylife - UV Sterilizer and Dryer

Easylife - UV Sterilizer and Dryer

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4 Function Modes: Auto, Sterilize, Dry and Store.

  • Sterilize virtually almost anything, Effective sterilization through UV irradiation Technology
  • Drying with low temperature(55-65°C)
  • Controlled Storage in Sterilize and Ambient Temperature up to 72 hrs
  • Deodorization with UV Waves & Ventilation Fan
  • Air Cleaning with activated carbon filter
  • Spacious Inner Cavity to Accommodate More items
  • Versatility in Functions for Many Usages
  • Auto Mode allows One Touch full process: Dry - Sterilize - Storage

2 Easy Step Sterilization

Step 1: Wash the items thoroughly, if needed. Shake off excess water droplets before putting inside Easylife UV Sterlizer facing up and keep good distance. Keep all objects away 3cm from UV lamp

Step2: Close the door and choose the desired function button. Wait till it's done!


Stainless steel shelf racks and door racks

Gently wipe the interiors of the unit using a wet warm towel then followed by a dry cloth. Bottle rack and accessory rack - clear under quickly and wipe dry

Net weight: 5kg

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