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Honeysuckle - Adapters (2 pcs) (6564540678178)

Honeysuckle - Adapters (2 pcs)

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Good news: fits most pumps. Better news: fits your busy lifestyle.

The Honeysuckle® Universal d'Adapter allows you to pump and bag breastmilk in one easy step. Simply slip the hooks on the Adapter into the notches in our 4 ounce Small Milk Bag or our 6 ounce Breast Pump Bag. The other end of the Adapter fits most breast pumps. You don't have to worry about spillage, because no pouring is involved the pump bag is your storage bag. Our Adapters are BPA-free and recyclable.

Honeysuckle® Breast Pump Bags and Small Breastmilk Bags are designed to work with our Adapter, but the benefits of using them don't stop there. They come pre-sterilized and meet the highest standards in breastmilk storage. They are virtually leak-proof, recyclable, BPA-free and tamper evident. A handy zip pouch allows one-at-a-time dispensing.

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