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Kimtsbooks - Feeling All My Anger

Kimtsbooks - Feeling All My Anger

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A gentle, rhyming, anger management book for kids ages 2-6. Over a hundred 5-star ratings, Amazon bestseller in several categories in the in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany.

Does your child have tantrums? Everyone feels angry sometimes. It can be a difficult emotion for both kids and adults, especially when it gets out of control!

BUT we should remember there’s a reason for every feeling, including anger. Lets try to understand why we feel that way, and find healthy ways to release it. Otherwise, our anger might explode!

Feeling All My Anger helps kids overcome the biggest feelings.
Discover how to improve your child’s anger management and emotional regulation skills today!

Read this with your child as early as possible. It's never too early to start reading to your kids! It's better to introduce emotional regulation skills early on to help kids identify and understand their emotions and how to handle them. Kids aged 2-6 will appreciate this the most!

"Feeling All My Feelings" and "Feeling All My Anger" are wonderful books to introduce emotional regulation to kids ages 2-6. Here are reviews from parents, educators, and child specialists:

"A BRILLIANT book that gently explains emotions and how you have a choice on how to react to them. I cannot wait to share this with my son later. He struggles so much with big emotions and I KNOW this amazing story will resonate deeply with him."
- Gayle Allsop, Parent and Children's Book Author

"I got goosebumps reading this book to my 3 year-old son. I think this book has the quality of a classic, right up there with “Guess How Much I Love You.”
- Dr. V, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician

"My heart feels so full knowing that there’s a book that understands what children go through. I appreciate how it incorporates the superpower and emphasizes that they can choose what to do."
- Ly S., Kindergarten-1st Grade Guidance Counselor

The books have over two-hundred 5-star reviews on Amazon and have been on the #1 bestsellers lists in several countries. Get your copies at and start developing your child's emotional intelligence today!

Storage and Care Instructions :

Keep dry and away from excessive humidity and heat

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