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Mamajoo - Mini Gift Set (4544969408546)
Mamajoo - Mini Gift Set (4544969408546)
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Mamajoo - Mini Gift Set

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*If you'd like to order more than we have on stock please email us at momzillaps@gmail.com so we can make more available for you :)

Mamajoo Silver Feeding Bottle 150 ml & S Bottle Teat

BPA- free, safe, reliable and healthy Mamajoo baby feeding bottle and bottle teat with anti-colic valf system are helpful to prevent babies swallowing air during bottle feeding. Mamajoo bottle teats produced from high quality  odourless and tasteless silicone with a form designed to be closest to nature enable mothers to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. 

Mamajoo PP Breastmilk/Baby Food Storage Container

Breast milk can be expressed into Mamajoo feeding/storage containers, to be stored in fridge or freezer by using Mamajoo Sealing Discs or otherwise to feed babies directly by replacing Mamajoo Sealing Discs with Mamajoo Bottle Teats without the need of transfering breast milk into another feeding bottle. The date of storage can be written on Mamajoo Sealing Discs.

Mamajoo Silicone Orthodontic Soother 0+ m & Storage Box

Mamajoo Soothers are produced from transparent, odourless and tasteless  high quality silicone and like all Mamajoo products, they are BPA free. The orthodontic form of Mamajoo soothers is designed  not to harm the gum and teeth development of babies while wide air holes on the soother shield are designed to prevent the risk of skin irritation. Mamajoo Storage Box is for keeping soothers hygenic and can be reused after sterilization.

Mamajoo Silicone Teether

Mamajoo Teethers, made of highest quality BPA-free silicone, are specially designed to relieve sensitive gums and reduce teething pains. The surface of Mamajoo Teethers are embossed to relieve sensitive gums while holding handle and thin shape makes it easy to grip.

Mamajoo Bottle/Cup Trainer Handles

Mamajoo bottle trainer holders – unique with ergonomic and robust design – will help your baby to reach quickly to the stage of holding cups from the stage of holding bottles.




Special Instructions for Storage and Handling

Keep away from direct sun light and store in dry places.
Cleaning & Sterilization: Mamajoo Feeding Bottle & Teat and mamajoo soother in this set are dishwasher safe and can be sterilised by boiling in hot water for 5 minutes or using a mamajoo sterilizer. Mamajoo Soother Clip can be wipe cleaned easily with a damp cloth.
Do not use abrasive or anti-bacterial detergents and do not wash in the washing machine or dishwasher.

If out of stock, email us to have it shipped to you within the week.
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