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Mimiflo® - 2 in 1 Premium Breast Pump (4550119030818)
Mimiflo® - 2 in 1 Premium Breast Pump (4550119030818)
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Mimiflo® - 2 in 1 Premium Breast Pump

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In this modern age, when most mothers are working with their busy schedules, breastfeeding may become quite impossible. With Mimiflo Breast Pumps, we make it possible. We help you store your milk, so your baby can still enjoy mother’s milk even in your absence.

The Mimiflo 2-in-1 Premium is
✓ BPA-Free
✓ Easy to use and lightweight
✓ Toxic-free, odorless, hygienic and easy to clean
✓ Suction can be managed by pumping the breast pump handle
✓ Specially designed silicone pad protects the mother’s breast from irritation and provides a natural feeling when the suction is used
✓ Frequent use of the breast pump massages the breast and prevents Mastoptosis (Sagging of the breast)
✓ Bottle converter fits all standard and wide neck feeding bottles
✓ Available in 2 Colors: Blue | Pink

✓ 1 Wide Neck Feeding Bottle
✓ 1 Standard Feeding Bottle
✓ 1 Bottle Converter
✓ 1 Standard Feeding Bottle Stand/ Breast Pump Cover
✓ 1 Wide Neck Silicone Nipple
✓ 1 Wide Neck Screw Cap
✓ 1 Wide Neck Cover

This Breast Pump Set includes a bottle converter so moms can use both standard and wide neck feeding bottles as they please.

Expressed breast milk can be stored in our Mimiflo Breast Milk Bottle Storage or Storage Bags.


- High quality and BPA-free Polypropylene Plastic
- Pure Liquid Silicone Rubber Nipple

Special Instructions for Storage and Handling

- Sterilize the Mimiflo 2-in-1 Premium Breast Pump before first use.
- Always wash your hands with soap and water before using the set.
- Check the parts for cracks, chips, tears, color changes, or breakdown. They can affect the function of the pump set. Replace parts when necessary.
- After each use, dismantle the pump set to clean. Wash all parts. Sterilize the pump set once a day.
- Consult with your doctor, lactation consultant, midwife, or other breastfeeding specialist to identify whether you are a suitable candidate for breastfeeding using the 2-in-1 Premium Breast Pump.


Net weight:  0.16 kg

Product dimensions: 27 x 9 x 25 in

If out of stock, email us to have it shipped to you within the week.
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