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Olababy - Gentle Bottle Transitional Feeding Set

Olababy - Gentle Bottle Transitional Feeding Set

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The Olababy Bottle Transitional Set is part of the Olababy Gentle Bottle Encouragement Feeding System. Our products are designed to help our babies overcome challenges that arise at each feeding stage. Our idea is to provide the best feeding tools for the job to assist their ongoing growth, to encourage self confidence and independence at every stage. What's in the set 1 X Olababy 4oz Gentle Bottle and 1 X Olababy 8oz Gentle Bottle The Olababy Gentle Bottles include unique offset nipples designed to mimic natural breasts, allowing for easy latching and reducing bottle rejection. The nipples are Integrated with dual-venting anti-colic system to limits air ingestion while encourages continuous flow, upright feeding postures and minimizes residual liquid. The familiar, skin-like texture of the bottle makes it easy to hold and encourages transition from breast to bottle feeding.

1 X Olababy Gentle Bottle handle

Holding, lifting, and tipping his or her own bottle to drink is an important part of the learning process for your baby. The Olababy Gentle Bottle silicone handle fits all Olababy Gentle Bottles. The easy to grip soft silicone is easy for holding and encourages independent drinking. It is made of 100% non toxin silicone and can double as a teether.

1 X Olababy Soft Spout and 1 X Olababy Straw Lid

Pediatricians recommend weaning your baby from bottle and switching to a cup at approximately 12 mo old to support appropriate oral motor skill development. Transitioning from bottle to cup allows your baby to exercise his/her face muscles (lips and jaw), tongue, and soft palate, all of which are connected to speech and feeding. One of the challenges to a baby at this transition stage is the fear of losing his/her favorite bottle, his/her “safety blanket”. The Olababy Soft Spout and Straw lid fit all Gentle Bottles and turn the favorite bottle into a sippy or a straw cup to practice new drinking skills and encourage transition away from the bottle.

100% Non-toxic silicone, BPA free

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