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Stayfresh! Canada - Breathe Clean Personal Air Purifier (X6) (4849056743458)

Stayfresh! Canada - Breathe Clean Personal Air Purifier (X6)

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The Breathe Clean Personal Air Purifier is sleek, compact and lightweight! This personal protection can be worn around your neck without a strain! Let the Breathe Clean emit negative ions to make sure the air around you is clean and safe to breathe.

*This product is not recommended for people with pacemakers

Strong ionic wind with anion output of 6 million/cm3
Needlepoint Discharge Technology
You may hang the Breathe Clean cord around your neck or clip the unit on your shirt pocket
Comes with a built-in lithium battery with USB connector
Long battery life – works up to 150 hours


Net weight: 0.045 kg

Product dimensions: 9 cm x 6 cm x 4 cm