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TEMPO - Tampon

TEMPO - Tampon

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Periods are natural, and so are our tampons. Tempo’s non-applicator tampons are made with super soft and breathable organic cotton, keeping our bodies healthy, comfortable and irritation-free.
With Tempo, you get:
- Leak-free protection, our tampon unfold in 360-degree expansion!
- Made with 100% purified cotton biodegradable within 5 months
- High absorbency up to 8 hours (Suitable for heavy flow)
-No Shedding, our tampons stay fully intact and won't leave anything behind in your body.
- Hypoallergenic, gynecologists and FDA approved
- No applicator = No eco-shame
Each box contains 16 tampons designed for your flow: Start you period with Regular Tempo suitable for heavy to moderate flow and use Slim Tempo for your moderate to light flow!


Wash your hands and get into a relaxed position (e.g. sitting on the toilet with your knees spread wide or standing with one leg raised)
Remove the outer wrapping of your tampon and hold the tampon with the string end facing away from your body
While aiming the tampon at a 45-degree angle towards the base of your spine, slowly insert the tampon into your vagina. Push inside the vaginal canal until it feels comfortable and secure
After 4-6 hours, pull gently on the tampon string until it comes out with clean hands


You should change your tampon regularly and not leave it in for more than 8 hours. We recommend changing every 4-6 hours.
If you start to feel your tampon, this is a sign it's time to change it.
First, wash your hands.
Firmly tug the string and pull the tampon
If this feels uncomfortable and dry, it might mean you are using a tampon with an absorbency that is too high for you. Try switching to a lower absorbency.
Throw your tampon away (not down the toilet!)
Wash your hands.


Immediately stop using tampons and reach out to your healthcare provider if you experience an allergic reaction, discomfort, pain, or unusual discharge when wearing a tampon.

Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a rare illness and is caused by a toxic substance that is produced by certain kinds of bacteria. To reduce your risk of TSS, always wash your hands before and after use, use the lowest absorbency tampon necessary, wear a tampon for no more than 8 hours, and use tampons only when you have your period.

Symptoms of TSS may include: Sudden fever , Vomiting, Diarrhea, Fainting, Dizziness and rash that resembles a sunburn. If you experience any of these symptoms during your period or soon after your period, stop using tampons and immediately seek medical attention.


Can a Tampon Get Lost in Your Vagina?
No, tampons cannot get lost in your vagina, because the cervical opening is too small. If you can’t locate the string, don’t panic. Gently insert your index finger into your vagina and you’ll be able to feel the tampon.

Can You Go Swimming With a Tampon?
Yes, you can do all sorts of water activities while wearing a tampon. However, make sure to change your tampon right after, because it will probably absorb some water.

Should I be able to feel my tampon?
If your tampon is inserted correctly, you shouldn't be able to feel it. If you can, you may not have pushed it in far enough or you may be using an absorbency that is too high for your needs cause

How often should I change my tampon?
You should change your tampon at least every 4-8 hours. Leaving it in for a long time has been linked with an increased risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

Are Tampons Uncomfortable to Use?
If it’s your first time using tampons, it may
take a few tries before you get the perfect fit. Remembering to relax your muscles before insertion can make it easier.

How many tampons can I use at one time?
Only ever use one tampon at a time. Make sure to remove yours at the end of your period and don't use them when you aren't on your period.

Can tampons be worn at night?
They can be worn at night but make sure you change yours right before you go to bed and first thing when you wake up.


Slim: June 2026

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