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TGM - 2-in-1 Straw & Snack Cup (200ml)

TGM - 2-in-1 Straw & Snack Cup (200ml)

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1 x Straw & Snack Cup
1 x Antibacterial Straw Lid
1 x Snack Lid
1 x Antibacterial Silicone Straw Set
1 x Cleaning Brush

Its lightweight design and wide handle makes it easy to grip
The anti-bacterial silicone straw lid can be easily sealed to prevent spillage. It protects the cup from harmful bacteria and its built-in air valve prevents back flow.
The double-structure straw design helps prevent back-flow, and keeps the straw in place. It will not come off easily even if the baby tries to pull it with his/her teeth/mouth.
Can also be used as a snack cup (spill-proof snack lid included)

Care Instructions:
Straw and straw lid can be sterilized with boiling water, UV, and microwave. Snack lid and cup can be sterilized using UV, or warm (not boiling) water. Refer to the temperature tolerance below:
Straw, straw lid - Silicone (200C 40C)
Cup - PP (100C- -20C)
Snack Cup Lid - TPE (80C - 20C)"

Assemble the straw into the silicone lid and cover the cup to use as a straw cup. Change to the snack cup lid to use as a snack cup.

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