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Yookidoo - Flow 'n' Fill Spout

Yookidoo - Flow 'n' Fill Spout

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Yookidoo Flow N' Fill Spout Is a unique bath toy that offers a variety of options for bath time fun. Water is drawn up and through the battery operated spout creating an endless stream through three interchangeable tumblers. Each tumbler features its own exciting spout function - use the tumblers individually or stack them and watch the water run through all three at once! Swiveling arm holds the tumblers and can be placed directly under the stream or pushed off to the side. The spout swivels, too! Takes AA Batteries (Best with Polaroid AA Batteries)

Product Dimensions: 7 x 14.5 x 3 inches

Product Weight: 0.45kg

Recommended Age: 9 to 36 months

How to Use
Start the water flow – show your child how to turn on the spout by pressing the goggles. This will initiate a constant water flow. Let him turn it on himself, teaching him cause and effect. Demonstrate the effects of each tumbler and encourage him to swap and change the tumblers, as well as to nest them in each other in any order he chooses. Encourages sensory regulation – place one of the tumblers in the holder and let your baby experience the different water flows on his hands, feet and body. This “sensory training” contributes to sensory regulation – your child’s ability to regulate and process stimuli he receives from his surroundings and body. Introducing concepts through play – Let your baby play independently with or without the tumblers. You may let her experience the steady flow of water on their hands or play with each tumbler exploring the contrasting states such as full/empty and floating/sinking. Encourage experimentation through play – Let your child fill and spill water into the bath and on himself. This induces his confidence as he obtains control over his surroundings. Show him how to move the swivel arm from side to side and learn when the water activates the tumblers and when it does not. These activities will contribute to the development of investigative thinking.
Made of BPA and Phthalates -free Plastic
Special Instructions for Storage and Handling
Yookidoo® bath toys are all designed to be mold free! They are built to drain after use. Make sure you let them drain well and dry after every use.

Net weight: 0.45
Product dimensions: 18.5 x 9 x 38.5 cm

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